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Apple Maps just got a redesign, and it’s so much better now


It’s been two years since Apple revealed that it was rebuilding the Apple Maps form the ground during June 2018. And a few days back, Apple announced that its new reboot is now complete and available for all Apple users in the United States of America. Apple has made numerous updates in the Maps for more accurate, faster, and comprehensive views of buildings, roads, malls, and more. It finished the rollout of the map for the United States, and soon it will begin rolling in Europe too in upcoming months.

Apple launched Apple Maps in 2012 in replacement to Google Powered Maps in older versions of iOS. However, the results were not as expected. It was so bad that CEO Tim Cook wrote an apology letter to its customers. The apology letter was public and was printed back then in National English News too. Though Apple is steadily improving the Maps since then, yet the new update is the most fundamental version of Apple Maps. Before the updation, Apple Maps doesn’t preserve a history of searches and locations, tie mapping activities between users’ Apple IDs, and used to process the personalized features on-device only.

Apple Maps and Privacy

Apple is keenly committed to its users in keeping their personal information safe and private. The Maps built by Apple have privacy to its core setting, which doesn’t allow any foreign alliance to penetrate it. Apple Maps are neither connected to the Apple ID nor is sign-in required. Besides, also comes with hefty personalized features which provide the user with suggestion regarding departure time for making next appointment. These Maps are created using on-demand intelligence, and data connected to the Maps are associated with random identifies that continually reset to ensure the best user experience. Moreover, the new and upgraded version of the application is stuffed with numerous features. Let’s Discuss.

Users are allowed to share places through Maps

Users can easily build the list of their favorite places, restaurants they wish to visit, make a bucket list for their next vacation, and share it with their friends and family.

Explore numerous major cities with a look around 

With the look around feature, you can explore through significant cities in high resolution and 3D photography seamlessly. Apple Maps offer interactive navigations to users from various parts of the world can navigate through Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Las Vegas, the San Francisco Bay Area, and many more area to come.

One-Tap Navigation to places added to favorites

Through Apple Maps, you will get the benefit of effortless navigation to the places you visit frequently or have added in your favorites. Whether its work, school, home, or the gym, users can simply tap and get the navigation in just one click of the places added in the favorites.

Additional Updated Features of the Apple Maps:

  • Flight Status:

The App uses the information on mail, wallet, or calendar through Siri and proactively serves complete flight information to the users, including terminals, locations, departure timing. Besides, it also alerts you for any changes such as cancellations or delays in schedule.

  • Indoor Maps:

Apple has made user experience in airports and malls more detailed by making indoor maps for them. Users can see on what level they are on, which restaurants and stores are open, and even restroom locations.

  • Real-time Transit:

Maps are inclusive of essential details of transit schedules, including live departure times, arrival times, current locations of trains and buses, and also helps plan a journey.

  • Share ETA:

With the Apple Maps, you can now share the estimated time of arrival to your friends, family, or colleagues with a single tap. If there is any significant delay in arriving occurs, maps will update the revised estimate to the receiver.

  • Flyover:

This is the most fantastic feature of the updated version of Apple Maps as it allows a way to select major metro areas with immersive 3D and photo-realistic views. This Flyover feature is available in around 350 cities.

The Bottom Line

Maps help millions of people across 200 countries to navigate and explore the world. Users can reach their destinations and explore the cities through Maps using their smart devices. With new updated features, Apple has introduced a new version of Apple Maps, and everyone is talking about its amazing features. Even news about the launch is widespread through National English News  also.


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