Sliding Air Vane Motor Market : Future Forecast Assessed on the basis of how the Market is Predicted to Grow

Sliding Air Vane Motor Market – Overview

Sliding air van motor are suitable for various applications across the industries. Increase in demand for tools with fastening capabilities and variable torques. Its torque increases at the same time when the speed of the motor is slow and then maintain the torque. The air vane motor continues to provide the increased torque without harming the motor. If the load reduces, an air motor will increase the speed and decrease the torque of the motor. The sped of the sliding vane air motor can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the air pressure. Increase in investment towards superior industrial tools. Traditionally electric motors were installed in order to provide the power to the machinery. For modern industries air motor is being preferred to install. Many of the air motor are reversible.  Air motors are nonelectrical sparking so that motor use compressed air as its energy source. Sliding air vane motor often can be chosen to run in wet or corrosive environments. Explosion proof electric motors require special, more costly, construction. Sliding air vane motor performs efficiently in the hazardous conditions with low fuel consumption. The power source of the product is air which is compressed and rotate the turbine of the engine. This product decreases the fuel consumption cost and increases the profitability for the end-user industries.

Sliding Air Vane Motor Market – Drivers and Restraints

Growing construction of food manufacturing units and installation of sliding air vane motor have boosted the market of the product. Sliding air vane motor are suited for food processing industry due to their adaptability to work in a moisture prone conditions. Use of electric motor will not help when operated in the food industry as moisture can affect the operation of the electric motor. Especially fruit juice processing industry has grown multiple times and using many automated solutions for the processing of juice and use of sliding air vane motor will help to smoothen the process. Medical industry also employs the sliding air vane motor for various application such as many surgical procedures and orthopedic operations. Medical power tools such as drills, saws or milling machines are needed to fix broken bones with a plate and to clean the bone surfaces for optimal bone cement interface. In the medical industry, cleanliness is the utmost priority and sterilization of the tools are must. Electric motors are also used in this industry however not every type of motor can be sterilized through steam sterilization. Electrical motor are always in a danger of short circuit and electrocution. Moreover batteries can be damaged by the steam sterilization. Whereas sliding air vane motor can be steam sterilized with being affected. Technological advancements and innovations from the manufacturer have resulted in growth in sales of the product.

There are some restraints and disadvantages of sliding air vane motor which can affect the demand for the product. Sliding air vane motor requires regular cleaning and maintenance which can increase the operational cost. This product has low scope to be used for heavy duty applications, it may have the possibility of air leakage, which can affect the manufacturing/processing operations.

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