Sugarcane Containers Global Industry Forecast 2019 – 2027 | Size, Share, Growth, Trends

Introduction to Sugarcane Containers Market

Increasing awareness among people regarding the growing pollution and detrimental state of the earth, eco-friendly alternatives for plastic are being developed. One such eco-friendly solution is sugarcane containers. After the extraction of sweet sugarcane juice, its leftovers are collected and turned into pulp. With the addition of water to the pulp, it is converted into a paste, which can be pressed and converted into the desired form for creating plates, bowls, and other containers. This is the process by which sugarcane containers are manufactured. The sugarcane plants help in reducing CO2 emission, but the plastics made out of fossil fuels increase the CO2 emission. The sugarcane containers have a high amount of cellulose and fiber, which makes the containers very stable and suitable for higher temperatures up to 200 °C.

Dynamics of Sugarcane Containers Market

The shift from plastics to eco-friendly solutions is happening for real, and it is anticipated that this would propel the market of sugarcane containers as well. The sugarcane containers offer several benefits (like eco-friendly in nature, compostable, and others) over the conventionally used plastics. The traditionally used plastics made from fossil fuels increases CO2 emission and causes a reduction in the non-renewable resource. The compostable sugarcane containers are made out of natural sugarcane and are converted back into stable and straightforward compounds that can be readily absorbed back into nature. The increasing consumer awareness regarding the adverse effects of plastic on our environment is anticipated to drive the sugarcane containers market.

To meet consumer needs, many product packaging manufacturers have introduced eco-friendly solutions like sugarcane containers to stay ahead in the market. The sugarcane containers are annually renewable, as they are compostable in 30-90 days. As the sugarcane containers have no plastic coating, they are easily recycled. Sugarcane containers are reliable, durable, provides oil and water resistance, can be kept in the freezer, and are even microwavable. These benefits are anticipated to drive the sugarcane containers market.

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Sugarcane Containers Market: Key Development

In November 2017, a skincare manufacturing company called the Bulldog Skincare developed a sugarcane packaging which replaced their traditional plastic tubes.

Sugarcane Containers Market: Key Players & Trends

The key players in Sugarcane Containers market are –

  • Eco-Products, Inc.
  • Biofutura B.V.
  • Biopac
  • Biopak pty Ltd.
  • Vegware
  • Dart Container Corporation
  • Kaufman Container
  • Visfortec pvt
  • Genpak LLC
  • Detpak
  • Geotegrity, Inc.

Sugarcane Containers Market: Regional Outlook

The sugarcane byproducts are used as substitutes for wood in many tropical and sub-tropical countries like India, Argentina, China and others, for the production of paper, board, and pulp to make containers. The sugarcane containers market is anticipated to grow in the coming future. The stringent regulations in Europe would propel the eco-friendly products market, this would play a key role in propelling the sugarcane containers market.



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